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A powerful, fast tool

SMC is a specialist in the cutting of sheet metal and pipes, CNC folding up to 4.5 m, CNC pipe bending, tapping, fine sheet metal, MIG and TIG welding, shot blasting and painting. We work for prestigious customers in all areas of activity (agriculture, automotive, medical, petrochemical, office furniture, etc.).

SMC is pleased to include companies among its customers who set benchmarks in their areas of activity and major public and private ordering parties.


SMC is one of the leaders in the field of laser cutting in the West. The company can manage all aspects of orders from start to finish, from the design office (research and development) to purchasing the raw materials, producing the product and delivering it according to the customer's request. The loyalty of our customers at SMC is based on this ability to satisfy requirements within the deadlines and in line with the specifications. Flexibility, ingenuity and flexibility are the watch-words.


Handling (frames for telescopic handler and tractor cabs, lifting beams, etc.), petrochemicals (sheet metal work, condenser sub-assemblies, etc.), agricultural machinery, medical (ventilation boxes), office furniture, etc. SMC is very versatile.

Human and technological skills

Today managed by brothers Franck and Yannick, the company employs 70 people. We have cutting-edge human and technological skills. Our employees are given specific training on their own workstations with refresher sessions every year.

The team is young, reactive and highly professional. The design office designs the tools upstream, carries out research and development and creates complete products from the design stage right through to production. The designers are able to create your projects (sheet metal/pipe work) and provide solutions to industrialise them.